Our chosen 2015 Beneficiary

Emmanuelle first met Marc Ching several years ago at The Petstaurant, an incredible holistic animal store in Los Angeles. Once she learned about the work Marc does to save animals, she was completely inspired and moved to help.

We are thrilled to partner with Marc to raise funds for The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. This organization is a little different than other rescue groups in that he only works on cases where animals have suffered extreme abuse. Most of these animals have been given up on by others, often recommended to be put down or that their cases were hopeless. Marc refuses to give up on them. 

Because these cases are so extreme, you can imagine the costs that are associated with helping and treating them. Each animal costs somewhere between $2,000 - $5,000, depending on the severity of their health. 

We hope to raise enough money by the end of the night to save 20 animals - that's $40,000! So what you can you do? Donate! Attend the event! Spread the word! 

Let's go #TeamFluffball!