The Fluffball Foundation

Created in 2009 by actress and animal activist Emmanuelle Vaugier, The Fluffball supports various animal rescue organizations across the United States. Our goal is to drive attention and funds toward deserving charities that work tirelessly on behalf of animals. Through fundraising events, online donations and auctions, we are able to raise money for our chosen beneficiary each year.

We rely on the support our our followers, who amazingly rally behind our charities and help us spread the word. In 2019, Emmanuelle created The Fluffball Relief Fund, which will allow our organization to react quickly to rescue animals that are trapped during or after a natural disaster, much like during the Malibu fires.

Photo credit: Kristin Lee | 2019

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Learn more about our current beneficiary, Forgotten Horses Rescue

We're proud to partner with some of the best companies on Earth who care about the wellbeing of animals.