Fluffball Event Sponsor: For The Record PPA

Kim Simpson, a longtime donor and 2016 event sponsor, has been a great asset to The Fluffball Foundation. Each year, Kim uses her extensive communications background to successfully raise awareness and funds for The Fluffball, and produces results that are just as impressive as her unparalleled passion for helping others and making a real difference in world. 

In 1997, Kim founded For The Record Photography and Public Affairs, Inc. to provide professional communications services to causes and government candidates. 

About For The Record PPA
For The Record PPA helps professionals and organizations in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region achieve their goals by providing comprehensive and compelling communications, strategic campaigns, creative photography, fundraising and event planning services. FTR PPA believes that each client has an important asset to promote, and utilizes careful analysis to craft the unique, tailored plans that serve as roadmaps to success. 

Campaigns and Communications
Kim is a seasoned storyteller. Her professional experience and a proven, 3-step process, FTR PPA develops and executes effective messages for clients. The first step is an assessment of what the individual or organization has to offer and is trying to accomplish. The second is the identification of the best audiences and tools for communicating, and finally, developing a detailed action plan. Every client is unique, and FTR PPA ensures that all messages are tasteful and creative. Service specialities include: 

  • News conferences
  • Press releases
  • Targeted media lists & outreach
  • Website communications 
  • Social media & email campaigns
  • Newsletters, brochures & pamphlets
  • Direct mail & electronic communications
  • Individual meetings & conferences

Photography is one of the pillars For The Record PPA was built on. Kim has been an active photographer for over 45 years, with a focus on portraits, musicians, events, animals, architecture, streetscapes, landscapes and still-life. Kim considers herself a traditional photographer, but enjoys working with digital technology as well. Whether she is taking photos for a website launch, magazine cover or event, Kim strives to preserve memories with the utmost style and quality.

Fundraising & Event Planning
For The Record PPA is exceptional at developing and implementing plans to help candidates win elections and organizations raise funds. When working with political candidates, members of Congress, government officials and foundations, Kim works taps into target markets to find prospective donors. She works strategically to achieve even the toughest fundraising goals.

The Fluffball Foundation is honored to have Kim and For The Record PPA as an official sponsor of the 2016 event. Her unique professional experience and passion for animals has been the perfect addition to our efforts.  

For more information on For The Record PPA, please visit their website