Meet Kim Simpson, Fluffball Donor & Activist

The Fluffball Foundation is thrilled to introduce you to a longtime donor, and now an official 2016 event sponsor, Kim Simpson!

Kim has been a huge contributor to The Fluffball Foundation's growth and success for the past two years. We truly admire her generous donations, but more importantly, her unwavering dedication to our cause! 

Kim's Story
Kim believes her introduction to The Fluffball was serendipity at its finest. Having spent her career working in politics, public affairs and journalism, Kim has always been a political and news junkie and advocate for great causes. In 2014, she started using Twitter as a means of getting news and information. She began regularly following news organizations, journalists, actors, writers and photographers. Seeing as Emmanuelle Vaugier's character The Morrigan on Syfy's Lost Girl is one of her favorite characters, Emmanuelle naturally made the list. Kim then discovered via Twitter that she and Emmanuelle had a passion for creativity, art, animal welfare, giving back and making a difference. She started to buy Emmanuelle's paintings from eBay auctions benefiting The Fluffball, and thus, Kim's participation began! 

Since that first purchase, Kim has raised well over $11,000, with her highest total donation being $6,000 in 2015. Her work at The White House, The Pentagon and on Capitol Hill, along with her experience in professional fundraising, event planning and strategic communications, have made her no stranger to pitching and spinning -- traits that have successfully aided her Fluffball fundraising. Kim raises money by reaching out to friends, family and colleagues who love animals and matching donations through personal funds. 

Kim's high level of involvement is driven by two things. Her first goal is to help Emmanuelle and Marc Ching give abused animals a chance to find loving homes and wonderful lives. Her second hope is that her enthusiasm and on-going support will inspire others to donate, form fundraising teams and spread The Fluffball message. She believes that through Emmanuelle's vision, passion, hard work and charisma, The Fluffball will become an amazing force and voice for those who have none -- animals that desperately need our help. 

Her beliefs
Without being cliche, Kim truly believes that life is about the journey, not the destination. She enjoys the year-long fundraising as much as she does the event itself. She also compares seeing a new donation on The Fluffball's Crowdrise page to the feeling of being a kid opening a present on Christmas morning. She loves that donations translate, in a tangible way, to making a dog's life better. Her motto is "small daily steps add up to big results over time."

Kim has always grown up with pets and currently has three wonderful red-haired cats that she adopted from an animal rescue in Richmond, Virginia -- Lucy, a sweet orange tabby cat and the 'Dennis the Menace' boys, Sammy and Simon. Although she loves all animals, she tends to favor cats because they are smart, loving and independent. 

Participating in The Fluffball has reminded Kim every day of the importance of living a purpose-driven life, giving your all to causes you believe in and joining other like-minded individuals in a journey to make this planet a better place for all living things. She hopes current and potential supporters will also embrace their power to make a difference. She finds it very fulfilling, at the end of the day, to say, "I was one of us, fighting the good fight to make a difference." 

The Fluffball events
Kim was amazed with how marvelous the 2015 event went and was honored when Emmanuelle personally recognized Kim's efforts with an award. However, despite her love for last year's event, she believes the 2016 Fluffball will be the one to surpass all expectations! 

She is looking forward to celebrating another exceptionally successful year with Emmanuelle, Marc, Deanna, Lauren, Angela, Natalie and countless other dedicated supporters who believe in this foundation. 

Thank you, Kim!
There is no doubt that Kim goes above and beyond for The Fluffball every year. The Fluffball Foundation is sincerely proud and appreciative of her dedicated efforts. She is an inspiration and now and essential part of the team. Thank you, Kim, for all that you do and letting us be a part of your journey! 

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Donate to Kim's Crowdrise campaign by clicking HERE.