Forgotten Horses Rescue - our 2017 beneficiary

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Forgotten Horses Rescue, the 2017 Fluffball beneficiary! Run by lifetime horse lovers Trish and Greg Geltner, this amazing non-profit strives to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted animals from the risk of slaughter and further neglect, and then give them a second chance at a life with a loving new home and owner.

"When I first heard about Forgotten Horses Rescue, I immediately knew I wanted them to be our next beneficiary," said Emmanuelle, The Fluffball's Founder. "My connection to horses has been strong since I was a little girl, and being able to raise money to help these incredible creatures is something I had to do."

Most of the unwanted and neglected horses at Forgotten Horses Rescue are discovered through Craigslist ads, local horse auctions or emails from owners who are no longer want or are able to care for them. Once the Forgotten Horses team learns of an animal in poor condition, they bring it to the ranch and begin the process to save them. Whether the horse is elderly, a foal or a competition breed, Forgotten Horses Rescue offers food, shelter, medical care and compassion to these suffering animals. Since their establishment in 2012, they have taken in nearly 600 horses, averaging 100 - 150 rescues per year.

Forgotten Horses is currently home to 25 - 30 horses, all of which undergo an initial 30-day quarantine and evaluation, followed by veterinary attention, feeding and regular check-ups.  Each horse requires $1,300 - $1,500 to be taken care of, most of which is donated through their incredibly loyal and passionate followers on social media. 

Join us as we raise funds and awareness for this incredible organization! Donate and make a difference here!