Micro Donations: Hay

As herbivores and foragers, horses rely on high-quality hay as the foundation of their diet. Hay provides the majority of nutrients required for a horses’ diet; plus, horses that are able to continuously graze will typically have fewer dental problems.

Hay typically falls into two categories: grasses or legumes. Horse hay is generally a mixture of the two, but can still be bought separately depending on the horse’s needs. Legume hay tends to be higher in protein, energy, calcium and Vitamin A compared to grass hay, making it ideal for young and growing horses, lactating mares and performance horses. Grass hay is lower in protein and energy but higher in fiber, which makes it the ideal choice for adult horses as it satisfies appetite without extra calories and protein.

Forgotten Horses Rescue goes through about 30 bales of hay per week! Even though this is an essential expense, it can add up quickly. Prices of hay can also vary depending on the year.

You can purchase bales of hay for $17 each. Our goal this month is to raise at least $500 for a one-week supply of hay for Forgotten Horses Rescue!

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