Get your coffee fix and help animals!

We are ecstatic to partner with Muddy Paw Coffee for this year’s Fluffball! Our friends at Muddy Paw Coffee have made it possible for you to help rescue pups while enjoying a delicious cup of joe!

Muddy Paw Coffee’s founders, Derek and Darren LaBorie, have two loves: providing customers with great coffee and helping animals in need. These brothers were able to combine their two passions with Muddy Paw Coffee. Muddy Paw lives by their trademark “Have a Cup, Save a Pup.” A percentage of their coffee sales goes to local organizations focused on animal rescue and care, so the more they sell the more animals they can save! They offer a variety of high-end coffee blends that are sustainable and fair trade, so customers can feel great and guilt-free with their purchases. Customers can rest assure that they are getting high-end, premium-quality coffee with the added bonus of helping animals in need in the community.

You can donate to The Fluffball and the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation when you visit the Muddy Paw Coffee store in Los Angeles. If you aren’t in the Los Angeles area, don’t worry! You can also purchase and support this local business from their online store. For each pound of coffee sold, Muddy Paw will donate $2 directly to The Fluffball and the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation.

This fundraiser only lasts through the month of September, so stop by soon to support this amazing cause!