Fluffball Wine Sponsor: O'Neill Wine

O’Neill Wine Vintners & Distillers has generously announced it will be the official wine sponsor for this year’s Fluffball event at The Little Door. Fluffball guests can look forward to enjoying wines from one of the country’s largest and most reputable wineries.

It is evident that founder, Jeffrey O’Neill, has a passion for the wine industry. With several generations of winemaking and high-quality wines, O’Neill has established itself as a not only a provider of the best products and services to its customers, but also a leading outsourcer of wines in the United States.

During The Fluffball event, guests will enjoy Line 39 Sauvignon Blanc, O’Neill’s most beloved white wine, as well as highly-rated Line 39 Pinot Noir. Line 39 is one of O’Neill Wine’s most highly-acclaimed brands, receiving great honors and high ratings from a variety of critics. Line 39’s Pinot Noir is acclaimed as rich, and elegant with its light aroma of oaky spice and raspberry. This Pinot Noir mixes red cherry and black currant flavors, making it a smooth, medium-bodied wine. White wine lovers will indulge in Line 39’s Sauvignon Blanc, which boasts a vibrant citrus aromas. The subtle grassy flavors contribute to its crisp, clean finish.

With the help of O’Neill Wine, this year’s Fluffball charity event will be sure to delight guests! If you can’t wait for the event, pick up a bottle (or two) of Line 39 by O’Neill Wine to show your support for this local winery and The Fluffball.