Our 2016 Crowdrise campaign is officially LIVE!

We're so excited to launch our 2016 Crowdrise campaign for this Fall's fundraiser for The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation! 

We had such amazing support from our followers and fellow animal advocates, that we decided to use this platform again to raise funds and give away some cool prizes to say thanks! Last year we raised a little over $13,000 on Crowdrise - let's double that this year!

This year, we have a specific goal - save 50 dogs so they can live a happy, carefree life being loved and cared for. Each dog costs approximately $1,000 to rescue and rehabilitate. 

Whether you can give $1, $10 or $1,000 - any amount helps! Check out some of our incentives for giving: 

  • Donate $30 and get a signed photo of Emmanuelle
  • Donate $250 and get a personal video message from Emmanuelle
  • Donate $2,500 and get a lunch date with Emmanuelle!